Special Watch

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Grass is Greener Over the Other Side

Hi hi,
Some of us probably wish to exchange our posting and time tables, given our personal inclinations. While there is a reason why a CS1 is a 1 and a CS2 a 2, it can't be helped. So, this is it:
1x Geog -Sec 3E, elective
2x SS - Sec 3E
4x Lit - Sec 1E, 1NA, 2NA
Time to think SS and Lit. :) Have procrastinated for too long.

Keeping this real short - currently bogged down by family emergency and am just too tired/lazy to really play/work/talk/reflect.

Just like to thank all my pals who made life so much sweeter, and those in the noble profession of white uniform, for making things easier.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A day worth remembering

Hi hi,

Today is a day worth remembering. Did something that has been lying dormant in my heart since my soci days in uni - getting to own some traditional clothings. And who made it possible? Miss B, her twin sister Miss P, and their energetic and zestful mummy [sorry, but I really cannot help calling her mummy here]! The idea came from Her Royal Highness (HRH) Miss W, last Friday - that we shall all meet and go visit Tekka Market to buy a set of Punjabi suit each. And since none of us are that familiar with Tekka Mkt, Miss B promised to ask her mummy about it. And so today, we did exactly what we set out to do, with mummy leading the way, as we swept thru the market for something I like. A pity HRH could not make it. Sigh...

When we first entered the Mkt, gosh, the myriad of colours/designs (from simple cotton suits to shimmering classy ones) literally took my breath away and I became 'higher' than I think HRH can muster. Hee... Mummy and the twins kept telling me to take it all in slowly and that there is no hurry in making a choice right away since we are really spoilt for choices here. :) So, we walked and walked. I got myself nicely lost but mummy never once lose her bearing, nor her cool. Finally, I spotted something I like in blue. Tried that on. But when the salesgirl showed me a similar one in green, I grabbed it immediately and refused to let it go. To complete the job, all 4 of us went digging for matching bangles of the right size for me. :)

So, here it is, my new wardrobe, complete with matching, purple bangles. :P

[Sorry to post a pict here with the head cut off, but it looked better when it is 3-D compared to hanging it up, although I hardly do justice to it]

[My matching bangles, and do excuse the fat hands]

[Cannot resist buying another set of bangles, and they look nice even when worn individually]

The moment I reached home, I tried the suit on immediately and kept my family nicely entertained and all excited about it. Brought some colours into their lives, I hope, especially mum who is recuperating at home. And oh, me sis is now thinking of getting a suit too. Ha :P

And me sis says I can really pass off as an Indian, such dark skin and all. Unfortunately, I am not endowed with long eyelashes, deep-set big eyes, a charming, sharp nose, long legs etc...

So, why green? It is hard to find nice, green clothes, green being my favourite colour. So, I totally freaked out when I laid my hands on it. Finally, something green I can wear out proudly. :)

I really need to thank the wonderful Miss B, the equally wonderful Miss P, and their wise and gracious [now I know where the twins inherit this trait from] mummy for this little adventure to Little India. Now I know where I can stop to have nice tea/juice/snacks, and mummy also shared tips on where to get what at their cheapest. Looking forward to more such cultural exchanges. :) And my first Punjabi suit is going to start off my collection of cultural clothes. So, perhaps next time, we can visit Chinatown, Geylang Serai etc. Those Vietnamese costumes we saw at Tekka were really classy too. But I have better shed some kgs first.

Also, I sincerely hope that someone will record the interesting stories the twins' mother tells them about her childhood. They are worth preserving and sharing. Hate to see them lost forever. The stories certainly hit a chord in me, having grown up in the kampung as well.

Thank you, my young friends, for showing me your world. :) I really have to count my blessings knowing all of you, especially for one my age. :) May you all remain happy and healthy, always.

So, after our training at the t'chers' academy, I am:-
Age: Noticeably younger than before :P
Weight: Noticeably heavier than before :P
Social circle: Absolutely wider than before (so much so that it is hard not to meet anyone I know in the East - time to roam North and South instead?)
Wardrobe: Noticeably more cramped than before :P
Photographys: Er... Gave up keeping track on their numbers anymore (our job is the best excuse for hoarding pictures of everything around us) :P


Monday, June 12, 2006

Signing in as a BT

Hi hi,
We must be the lasts to report to our new office today. Even then, our subj allocation and x-tables are not ready. Received a small 'bundle of joy' to read at home. Which means, we get to enjoy our hols until the mad rush on 26 June? Hmm.... Would prefer if they can give us an inkling of the subjects and levels so that we can make little preparations. But then, the world does not revolve around me. So, will simply throw everything out and enjoy myself (provided me mum's condition allow since she is likely to be discharged tomorrow).
Anyway, I enjoyed today's induction, because we met a few kind and wonderful people, some of whom even made it a point to remember your name before you even showed up! The really lovely SCM gave each one of us a lanyard out of her own pocket, complete with clear holders for our security passes and an extension we can hook our thumbdrive to. Wow! So sweet of her. But due to the lack of time, our many questions could not be answered. But we have the 'oldies' (TP people) to ask as we go along.
And of course, we get big tables, good for claustrophobic me, though I cannot move in yet because the current occupant has not moved to the new location. But that's fine since there is nothing for us to do till the job allocation is done.
There is also a nice courtyard sandwiched btween 4 blocks, and I think I shall find Miss B, my Lit-mate and colleague and now soul-mate as well, here pretty often. But the rest of the compound, needs a bit of getting lost in and getting used to. :P I need an real drawn-to-scale map to get my bearings! Sigh...
Yep, tat's all for reporting. Looking forward to more outings. :P

Mood= Happier than a lark :D


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Signing off as a TT

Hi hi,
After 2 weeks of enrichment/induction programme which ended yesterday, we are suddenly full-fledged t'chers? Gosh! Father Time is certainly in a rush. Unbelievable! Emotions started to flood me when I was clearing my locker yesterday. The rain made it worse. Am going to miss everyone & every thing here, and the luxury of time to do things my way - the slow motion way. Am going to miss the times spent with coursemates, ranging from the 'picnics' during our tutorials to the heart-to-heart exhanges of news/ideas/encouragement/silly jokes... ; and even those long train rides that offer us chances to increase our understanding of one another thru serious talks or simply to talk rot, to catch up with our sleep, to reflect or simply to stone. :( Hai...

These past 2 weeks, we visited an army camp (complete with 'joyrides' on their vehicles, and a whole range of exhibits), Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (where we were tasked to sew a nest like the weaver bird- hey, that was fun), an ITE campus (where we toured some of their workshops), heard some metaphors/philosphy some experienced people have of being in our business, heard stories of why some kids exhibit strange behaviours and how we should/could use our love to bring about changes to their lives, heard some inspiring words to keep us going (remember the pencil), picked up some knowledge of medical conditions like asthma and diabetes, and were given tips on how to deal with colleagues, difficult ones. And yes, we, the audiences tune in when we have energetic and lively speakers with lots of interesting anecdotes. A reminder of how we should deliver our lessons. Lectures become lullabies in reality.

And oh, R's wedding was a nice break from the above. No wonder everyone went berserk in trying to seize every teachable, er... no, wrong - kodak moment. :P

With that, and the release of our postings and our results, marks the end of our TT status.