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Monday, September 04, 2006

Losing an idol

Hi hi,
Just a short tribute to my idol, Steve Irwin, the croc man from Australia, who passed away today, while filming a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef. Having spent many hours perched in front of the tele tuned into Animal Planet, I have come to love this bloke, his family (dad and wife and children), for their undying love for animals, be they the small and adorable or the ferocious and dangerous. It is ironic that he died in the hands of a relatively safer sea creature (sting ray) compared a host of other ferocious animals he has dealt with in his short 44 years of life. My take on that - one never knows when they will meet an old and cranky animal that does not behave anything like their fellow creatures. Was bitten by my skool cat (creatively named Meow meow) just last Thursday out of the blue, 2 seconds after it was doing the inevitable circling my feet act and appearing all calm and demure. It just jumped and drew blood from my arm, and continued purring at my feet immediately after that. But I am luckier than dear old Steve. He did not have a chance.

While many (including his fellow countrymen) have criticised him for his 'over-enthusiastic' style of talking and presenting his shows, to me, he will always be the great man who dares to live his dreams and to be different. He has also been criticised for his 'over-daring' stunts he pulls with animals, including dangling his little son near a croc. Yep, he is showy. But only because he is bursting with confidence. His passion for his job/animals is unmatched.

Had an invite to meet him in real life earlier this year right here in Sing. But, it fell within TP and already having a couple hours of sleep a day was a luxury. So, I had to give him up. Sigh.... And visiting his zoo has always been on my to-do list. But, alas, have always put if off for some where else. And my consolation, he died today, doing what he is best at, what he loves, what he is passionate about and what he strongly believes in. And he will forever be remembered for the many lessons about life and animals he has taught me, and the joy he has brought me. In fact, my ability to appreciate and to physically touch and hold a snake now, and call it "a beauty" was something I learnt from him. Yep, look one closely into its beady eyes and he is right, it is nothing less than a beauty. Sigh...

Thank you, Steve Irwin.