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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Simple joy

Hi hi,
These past 2 months have been really draining. Although the recording sessions and intensive debate training have ended, I have accumulated so much work that by the end of last week, I have still not cleared them. And coming week is camping week, so it is not possible to catch up with work as well. Sigh... I sometimes wonder if my friend's comment that I do not know how to manage my time is a fact or an invalid opinion. There is a chance that she is dead right. But to make myself feel better, I would rather embrace the opinion that we are truly overworked and that we have no time to manage in the first place. Ah, now I feel better.

When one is exhausted, all kinds of negative thoughts come flying in. I had no energy to shut them out, let alone the energy to even try to make myself happy. So, migraine became my companion. I succumbed to flu, 2 days's MC in Jan and 2 more in Feb. Sigh... But last Thurs, when I went home with knit brows and a migraine, I suddenly saw light. We know ourselves best. We know what makes us happy. We know what lifts our spirits. With my last bit of mental will, I successfully pushed all unhappy thoughts away. And the very next day, my problematic kidz were not so problematic after all. And for the first time in many weeks, I am happy with my job, with my kidz (problematic or not), and happy with basically everything. A positive loop has set in. That's how it should be. :) So, I have learnt how not to allow anyone or any incident to get to me. :) We do have the strength to conquer challenges, and not let them conquer us. Just find a way to unleash that strength.

A meeting on Fri also spurred me on the direction of building rapport with my kidz. Something to improve - give them all individual attention when possible. It only takes that one t'cher to touch them, for them to become motivated. And when they are motivated, they can make miracles. :)

And since the coming week is camping week, despite piling work, I gave myself the weekend off (ah, no March hols for me so this serves as my hols). So, I put aside all work, and made dumplings for my family. I learnt it from Chinese colleagues. :) Yep, time consuming job, especially when I was the only one chopping up the ingredients and wrapping it with dough, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and of course the eating bit. Have not felt so happy for a long time. Such sweet happiness. :) Reminds me of the time I came back home after spending 3 weeks in Nepal. I almost cried in joy when I turned on the tap and see clean running water.

So, I wish everyone happy always, especially friends who understand my lack of time for them. :)



  • Dear SW,
    U do sound like you're in good terms with work, despite the (yes, me too..) mounting piles of marking and commitments.

    Yay, am glad that things are going well for U ~ Best wishes for the MRL presentations (U rock, gals!).

    And, of course, Here's wishing you...
    A Superb, Joyous & Memorable Birthday, dear chum! May this special day bring U many more golden moments in Life. :)
    May all your dreams come true.

    Stay cool & Hugz,

    By Blogger minerva, at 11:28 pm  

  • Dear SW,
    Well, one more surprise for you then... :)
    Do drop by here to know more.

    Take care & Stay cool,

    By Blogger minerva, at 3:19 pm  

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