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Friday, May 11, 2007

It hurts

Hi hi,
Remember when we were younger and had to be caned because we were mischevious? Remember your parents saying that it hurts them more than it hurts you when they had to cane you? I can finally understand the true meaning behind those words today. Yep. Today... sigh....

Almost 12 hours after it happened, my heart is still aching. Cheating during exams - my kid from my form klass, my subject and under my watch. The best klass in me skool on top of that. The moment I saw that note, my heart literally cracked into pieces. Then comes the inevitable confrontation where I had to take his accusations that I have something against him. I wish it were as simple as that. Understandably, he is upset. But it hurts a whole lot more having to report him. Yep, it really hurts. But, no, I cannot let it rest. Or else he will never learn. If he gets away this time, he will attempt it again and the consequences get more dire when it comes to his prelims and nat exams.

And now, I cannot help but worry about him.



  • You did the right thing, dear one. And you know that.

    So, take heart and stride on. :)

    Fully agree with what you noted - Only if we correct it now (when it's relatively 'small-scale'), can we prevent a potential future (and worse) re-occurrence. And, what if, at that time, there is noone the errant child can ever seek solace in?

    It's said that time heals all wounds. Am sure the kid'll recognise it someday. Keep the passion alive and Stay special.

    Btw, SW, for all the enthusiasm, I'd realised my intended post-link on your site never did materialise in your site, right.. Apologies, but here it is, in full: ;)

    SW, you've a Surprise here. Do drop by if/when you've the time, yea.
    Take care & Wishes, as always,

    By Blogger minerva, at 10:30 pm  

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