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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yesterday vs Today

Hi hi,
Yesterday, something reminded me that our children do have a conscience, despite what they do to their t'chers in class. It also reminded me that all our kidz do have a sense of justice, although they do not seem to exhibit all that in klass. During assembly, a sharing session of how kidz turned the odds against them and excelled in their results, saw the kidz silenced by how unfortunate others can be. Yet, some of them behave like they do not have a single bit of decency in them back in klass. Why the disparity? Is it because we were not able to bring out their sense of decency in klass? Is it the fact that it is a klassroom environment? Or is it because of the novelty of it all? Doesn't matter which is right. The fact remains that my spirits were uplifted by their response.

Today is an entirely different story. My best klass made me shout at them, for not bringing their text books (so I had them do their work in groups); for not bringing their activity when they were told to do so (so I allowed them to work on foolscap to be clipped to their books once they are home); for not being on-task; for lying that they did their work when I walked round to check; and for lying for their friends who did not do their work by passing off their own work as their friends'. How much more must a t'cher concede? How many steps back must a t'cher take to ensure no one wastes the hour in klass? To think that they are graduating this year. I am losing faith in them once again, despite yesterday. Or was it me who was/have been in the wrong. Hmmm.... I realise I sound like someone about to turn hysterical.... :) Not to worry. This is the effect of my worrying too much for people who aren't even worried about themsleves. But it is good to get really angry once in a while. Sets the heart pumping, sets the blood flowing, which in turns starts those brain cells working. :)

And oh, was on course today. Recalled something I heard told to students some time back, which I use once in a while to make kidz laugh - t'cher to student: Dun sleep in klass. But if really must, at least, don't snore. And this is exactly what happened today. Oh my. We were all too polite......


Thursday, April 05, 2007

There is still hope

Hi hi,
Sometime ago I wrote about my lowered expectations on our future generation. What I failed to mention was my lack of expectations on today's parents. I felt most do not know how to be parents. But last Fri was PTM, met 27 mummies and daddies. This week, met another 4. The last parent I met today changed my opinion thoroughly. What an enlightened mummy. To be honest, I am touched by her. A cancer patient herself, worrying herself sick over her boys. Trying out different ways of dealing with them and showing her kidz wonderful respect most parents cannot achieve. Yet, one of the son must disappoint her time and again. She was most upset by him and by her inability to turn him round and now reached out to us for help. And yes, together, we shall all work hand in hand to turn the boy around.
Often, we say we must try to understand the kidz more. I think speaking to mummies and daddies and understanding them as parents is as enlightening. It gives insight on why certain kidz behave in certain manner.
Am so glad I met up with most mums and dads from my class. :) It brought me much closer to my kidz, having understood them much better. :) And they know me much better, that I care about their well-being and their results. A good strategy I used on students not doing well, which I thought was good, is to ask student where he hopes to go after O levels. And then ask him if he can make it there with his current grades. If not, they have 9 more months to work towards better grade, towards his/her dream/goal. Remind them to push themselves a bit harder so that they will be smiling come next Feb, and not look back, full of regrets - if only they have cut down that one hour of tv or that one hour of chatting on the phone; if only they had worked skightly harder.
Oh yes, and a P Semakau trip with me class was as fulfilling. The kidz love it. No matter how hard I tried telling them what a great place it was over there, they cannot picture anything other than smokey mountain. So, now, they know. And am glad I can share this memory of exploring new grounds with them. And of course, we were closer yet again. Laughter and more laughter. It's a wonderful break for them as well. Hope this is a leap towards uniting this fragmented class.
And oh, had a fall in skool during the hols and although the x-ray showed no fractures, I could not work when skool reopened. My back was badly swollen and it still is. And now, one leg is weak. So, was hoping to get a referral to a specialist but could never make it to the poly clinic on time. Why must they close by 4.30pm. Sigh... But I have learnt to walk really slowly, take things a little slower. Which means that I am missing all the deadlines. Arrgh...