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Friday, August 24, 2007

It's been a looooong while

Yep, it's been such a long while since I last posted. The lazy me would rather sleep than blog nowadays, since we never have enough of that. Hmmmmphhh.. so what brings me here today? I am stuck in skool and yet, I cannot be doing what I have to do (testimonials, papers etc). My kidz are researching their debate motion and so, it's wait time. I sometimes wonder why there are so many suprises in life. To be honest, I know nuts about debates, and I still know nuts about it today. Yet, time an again, I have to train the kidz up, a result of the accidental success earlier this year in the Arena. Just when there is something I fear/weak at, I am constantly nudged towards it. Strange is it not?

On another level, just when I am getting tired of it all on a bad rainy day, a kid, bearing an umbrella and a golden halo came to save my day/life. A poor t'cher, waiting for a taxi while a light drizzle got itself promoted into rain, found an umbrella appearing over her head. I was sooooooooooo touched. He waited with me for the next 15mins, bearing all kinds of curious looks other kidz were giving him. Wonderful boy, isn't he? From then on, I have to over throw what I have said before, and proclaim - there is still hope with our future generation!!!!

Oh yes, and a great great movie came my way - Bridge to Terabithia. Was first introduced to the book by my lovely tutor, shared the wonders of the book with my Lit mates, and I only wish we can get together to share the wonders of the movie. I was blown away by it! It is not everyday that we get a great movie. It is not everyday that we get a movie that stayed truthful to the spirit of the book and handled the intricacies so well. Many a times, after watching a movie, I will go "the book is still way better". Not this time and I am so glad of that. And I could not wait to pass the DVD to Minerva, whom I know will enjoy it as much as I do. :P The last time this happened, it was LOTR, which literally blew me into space when I was still wondering what all those hoo-haa's are about. Since then, I have not touched down on earth yet.

And then, my physio-therapist just ordered the world's wierdest treatment for me back - SLOUCH! She told me I probably have never slouched before all my life. Wow! When I showed her how I supposedly 'slouch', she told me that was the straightest back she has ever seen. And so, after more than 30 years of over-straining me back, 'slouching' is now my ideal posture I have to achieve. Ah... how can one 'slouch' and walk and jog at the same time? I have to try to manage, somehow.

Life is strange, isn't it?



  • Oh Yayy, new post!
    Am glad U've finally found some time aside to write, dear SW. :)

    Hmm, am really heartened to read of your kid who offered the 'lil (but warmly precious) gesture with the umbrella.. esp. in days where lots of kids take too many things/people for granted, incl. their teachers, parents, loved ones.

    Wrt 'Bridge to Terabithia,' the movie ~ Well, you know my response, dear one: Here, it is again.
    As good as Katherine Paterson's beloved novel, i agree. :)

    Had a blissfully joyous time just walking back from school (from the High Tea yesterday) with you, dear chum. Inspite of the headache, yes.
    Thanks for helping to make the evening more special. ;)

    U take care, get as much rest as you can & Stay special,
    Hugz, minerva*

    By Blogger minerva, at 6:07 pm  

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